Larry Spring's research in quantum physics and electromagnetism has resulted in scientific discoveries such as magnespheres and the Spring Atom. View educational Flash demonstrations of his theories online.

Larry Spring's quantum physics and electromagnetism research has yielded such discoveries as magnespheres and the Spring Atom.
On this site you will find Flash animation demonstrations of the scientific principles behind quantum physics, electromagnetism, gravity, energy, friction and more.
Larry Spring draws on the work of Niels Bohr, Nikola Tesla and Hans Oersted as explorers of the realms of quantum physics, electromagnetism and energy. Larry Spring has been an explorer of radiant energy for many years, giving demonstrations of this theories and discoveries through the School of Common Sense Physics. This educational institution has assisted in teaching the principles of physics through both classroom experiments and virtual demonstrations. This website offers scientific demonstrations in educational Flash animations.
We hope you enjoy the free online Flash demonstrations of scientific principles such as friction, heat, gravity, energy and more.
Larry Spring: Explorer of Radiant Energy

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This is a story about curiosity, dedication and simple common sense. The independent experimentation and observations as recorded by Larry Spring do not correspond with conventional teaching, most notably around accepted definitions of: electromagnetism, the atom, heat, reflection and friction.

Please check back as the site is evolving.

"Let energy itself be your Teacher."
Larry Spring, 2005



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