The Larry Spring School of Common Sense Physics is located at
225 East Redwood Avenue , Fort Bagg, Mendocino 95437
(707) 964-4700

For questions or comments about the site
To contact Larry Spring about taking a class while you are in town
To contact Larry Spring personally regarding queries about his experimentation email

Larry is unable to individually respond to all of the queries he receives as he keeps busy replacing all the cells in his body with hard physical work as well as continuing his ongoing experimentation. (So please don't take it personally if you don't get a reply)

He will respond to F.A.Q's on the site and we will keep you up to date with
Larry's ongoing experimentation as well as public appearances through our quarterly newsletter and our what's new section.

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This mailing list will be kept private and will not be shared. Any party wishing to contact this mailing list can do so through requesting feedback in our newsletter.


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