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Introductory Video, Book or DVD

Book and video or DVD combo.
For a limited time, Larry will continue to duplicate his videos at home as well as personally assemble and hand-bind his self-published Magnespheres & The Spring Atom 6th edition, with 2003 Addendum.
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Book and Video or DVD Combo

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Clean, free, renewable energy.
Motor designed and built by Larry Spring.  The armature is hand carved; the coils are wound by hand. Larry paints and carefully balances each motor. Motor ends are made from ancient recycled redwood from Larry's chicken coops. Each motor is signed by Larry Spring. Motor is self starting (by sunlight or regular lightbulb) and has reached speeds in excess of 6500 rpms. Wonderful educational tool.


Larry Spring's Magnetic Levitation Solar Powered Mendocino Brushless Motor

Larry Spring Mendocino Brushless Magnetic Levitation Solar Motor

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